Cicada Brooch

Cicada Brooch


When I was a kid the chirping of Cicadas symbolised Summer and all the great things that came along with it! I used to love wearing the empty Cicada Shells pinned to my outfits and thought it was about time I made a Cicada Brooch. I also added sparkly glass rhinestones inspired by antique Cicada Brooches.

Did you know that in the early 20th Century that people wore Cicada Brooches for good luck? Now you can have your own little cicada to carry around with you!

Made from gorgeous caramel pearl and clear perspex and laser cut here in Sydney, I hand paint and glue each brooch together to make sure each one is perfect!

This brooch measures approx 63x20mm

Brooch comes on backing card and looks perfect pinned to your favourite cardigan or dress!

Postage costs include a sturdy mailer for postage and are for regular postage. If you require tracking it is an additional fee, please send me a message if you would like this feature added.

Please note this listing is for ONE Cicada brooch.

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