Dolores the Dugong A4 Print

Dolores the Dugong A4 Print


Introducing Dolores the Dugong. She loves swanning around in her vintage swimmers finding the next patch of seagrass to nom on. Australian waters are home to a large percentage of the world's Dugongs but they are under threat and are listed globally as vulnerable to extinction.

Here in Australia they are under threat for a multiple of reasons including coastal pollution, illegal and legal hunting, being hit by boats and getting tangled up and ingesting finishing and shark nets.

These beautiful creatures need our help to make sure they are here to stay. Which is why I decided to draw Dolores the Dugong, because I don't think Dugongs get all the attention they deserve.

Each print is hand signed on the front and dated on the back. A4 print measures 210x297mm

Safely packed for postage in a sturdy mailing envelope. Postage charges include the cost of packaging.

While you are purchasing piece of art, the copyright of the work does not transfer with a sale which means that in purchasing this piece of art you are not purchasing the right to copy, print or reproduce this image in anyway, without my prior permission.

© Kirbee Lawler 2016

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