Hi! My name is Kirbee and I am an illustrator based in Sydney, Australia.

I would describe the style of my work as being whimsical, natural, quirky and dream-like. I love story telling and especially how art can tell different stories to different people. I like to get as much detail into my art as possible - I love getting caught up in textures and patterns and love that you can almost feel the fur of an animal and the bark on a tree with your eyes. When I was young I used to love the story books with illustrations that looked so real- but you knew they weren't real because things like swamp monsters don't exist (right?) and I like to juxtapose those two things, looking real but at the same time knowing that it isn't.

I love working on paper because you can start with nothing, just a crisp white page and end up with a whole new creation that would have otherwise not have existed. I love that with paper and pencil you and build up the detail very slowly, but that you also don't have to wait for paint to dry! I am a bit impatient when it comes to that!

Follow me on instagram @kirbeelawler - that is where I post lots of work in progress shots, shop updates and of course, Beatrix Bunny photos!